Valentine’s Day card

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! (a little late though)

So yesterday (Saturday) I woke up 3.30 in the morning and couldn’t fall back to sleep. At 6.00 I decided to get out of bed and paint my nails instead…yeah I’m a bit weird like that.. I did a Valentine’s inspired nail design of course. If you want to see how they turned out I have posted a picture on my instagram: @lilla_konstnaren, and have lots of other nail pics there too.

I also found a little inspiration to make a Valentine’s card for my honey. I had this idea to make a background with a gradient/ombré in pink.





So I diecut some card stock with my hexagon die and stamped every little hexagon with pink ink. I used a circle stamp that was bigger than the paper pieces, just to have something to cover them in color with. At first I thought I’d just take the ink pad and drag it in the paper before diecutting, but since I only have two different kinds of pink it would have been tricky to do. Plus it makes the color a lot darker than if you would just stamp it. Instead I stamped the dark and the light pink a few times to get as much color on there as possible.

When doing the pieces in between those colors, I first stamped the dark pink once and then the light pink, I think, three times over the dark pink. It’s not perfect, the two darkest shades were just a little too close in color and the light shade was maybe too far off, but I think it works overall. Maybe it just means that I need one more pink ink pad, what do I know? ..



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