Clean and simple

Hi everyone!

Well.. I realized that it’s been kinda quiet over here for a while. There’s been a lot happening lately, so I haven’t had the time to post. During the fall we had a few visits to the vet, since we discovered that Miranda, our cat, had gotten new lumps on her tummy. After taking some tests we decided that we wanted them removed. The surgery went well and she recovered quickly. A while after the surgery we got the testresults they took from the lumps and it turned out to be malignant. So it was the right thing to remove them. But Miranda is 13 years old so I was worried that the surgery would tear on her. So this has been on my mind a lot. But she seems to be fine now though.

We moved to a bigger place a couple of weeks ago and so we have been busy cleaning out the old apartment and settling in the new one. It’s been quite stressful, but now that we moved and everything is in order I feel relieved. The best part is that the craftroom…hrm I mean.. the office.. is A LOT bigger. So now we have a lot of room for both our desks and also our guitars and keyboards.

But right now, my desk is cluttered with stuff. We plan to reorganize our desk space in the future and so I don’t want to put anything up on the walls before we know how we want it. Therefore all the stuff that I had on shelves on the wall is now laying on my desk.


So this is the mess that is my desk.. I haven’t really created anything since we moved because of it. But I got a card to share from a few weeks ago:



It’s a very clean and simple card, which I’ve been kinda into lately. The blue card stock in the background is a foil card stock. I think it made the card a bit more interesting. What do you think? Hope everyone has had a great start of the new year.




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